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If there is one lane Rhonda Jeanmard has never feared riding it’s talking about what’s going on! From being published as a writer, for a magazine and website, (back in the early 2000’s) to dabbling in open mic poetry, and even open mic comedy: Rhonda’s going to want to talk about it! Whatever IT is!

Sincerely Rhonda (a name born on the poetry stage) is just a laid-back fun Lady who makes you comfortable to be yourself. When asked what’s the best thing about interviewing people she says, “Making people laugh and feel comfortable with being unapologetically themselves”.

For Sincerely Rhonda, laughter is just as melodic as music. She can also be quoted saying, “music and laughter are the essential staples of how we connect. Music challenges age, gender, and race boundaries unapologetically. And it jams shoooooot”! 

So, tune in to Sincerely Rhonda and you will enjoy some good music and laughs as she interviews musicians, comedians, DJ’s, MC’s, promoters, writers, creative visionaries, and just about anyone who has something new to share or some good knowledge of the music and entertainment industry.

- Sincerely Rhonda

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